One trend is taking the home design industry by storm: the spa-style bathroom. Continue reading to explore how to create a spa room within the confines of your own home.

Add value

Apart from the pampering-yourself aspect of this renovation, spa-style bathrooms are a great way to add value to your home. People have been always gravitating towards the sanctuary-like feel of a spa bathroom; such renovation will automatically make your home a high-in-demand property. Real estate experts agree that the 'away from home' feel of a hotel suite or spa is something people are willing to pay more money for.

Let there be light

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the use of colour and light can function as a restorative element and promote mental and physical well-being. Also known as chromotherapy, this helps create the therapeutic ambiance in your home spa design. The new Metreaux shower head by the extended BAGNOSPA collection features LED coloured lights to create a relaxing effect. For an invigorating showering experience, it also comes with four jet options.

Get in touch with nature to rediscover yourself

We humans seem wired to bond with nature. Including some natural elements in our bathroom design can add to the tranquilising feel. The therapeutic feeling every regular spa visitor is trying to achieve from a spa-day is rooted in rejuvenating their physical senses. The luxurious BAGNOSPA collection aims on turning a bath into a sanctuary after a hectic day. Drawing design inspiration from nature, we created the BAGNOSPA modular Waterfall Shower Head, in an effort to infuse your bathroom space with a calming vibe. Stand under the waterfall and leave the shower feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Into the mist

Beyond what we see, elements we feel, hear and smell add to the peaceful experience too.

The modern BAGNOSPA Mist Shower Head uses technology to create a product that’s both functional, and unique to look at. Designed to fit any contemporary space, and with multiple functions for a powerful performance, the new BAGNOSPA tool surrounds you with a thick mist of tiny water droplets and uses soft mist jets to create a feeling of being soaked in the rain.

All about the tech

In the end, creating a spa-like master bathroom means understanding what ambiance makes you feel peaceful and pampered. Aside from the bigger must-haves mentioned above, you can also add some smaller features as well. For example, you could install the new BAGNOSPA Waterproof Sound System that would allow you to play relaxing music, while indulging in a long soak in the bath. BAGNODESIGN has made an innovative technological leap taking luxury shower technology one step further. Just one touch is enough to transform your shower into a wellness area with the help of the new touchscreen Control Panel that can memorise the temperature and intensity preferences of your steam room. Accessible at the comfort of your own home, BAGNOSPA included shower mixers with built-in thermostatic technology in the 2018 collection.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is to be avoided on all counts in a Zen spa environment. Last but not least, we need a place where we can display our fluffy rolled towels, jars of creams, cucumber eye masks, robes for out of town guests, and the list goes on. Check the new BAGNODESIGN furniture pieces for 2018 for some storage inspiration.