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Autumn/Winter 2017

Bathroom design inspiration on every page with brand new BAGNODESIGN lifestyle brochure.

An attractive addition to any coffee table and with inspiration and ideas for creating a dream bathroom on every page, BAGNODESIGN’s new lifestyle brochure is out now.

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The magazine-style brochure takes you on a journey through the BAGNODESIGN story, charting its history and manufacturing insight before revealing how the brand is inspiring the latest bathroom designs with its innovative product offering.

From case studies on some of the company’s most prestigious projects, to showroom overviews and trending collections, the BAGNODESIGN lifestyle brochure encourages creativity.

With products showcasing the best-selling BAGNODESIGN collections including Art, Mezzanine, Funktion, Metreaux, M-Line, Lazio, Bloomsbury, Biarritz and Stratos, the brochure is packed with ideas for creating beautiful bathrooms.

Featured Articles

5 things to consider when renovating your bathroom

The first question should be, what is the complexity of the renovation of your bathroom?

Are you starting from scratch and building a brand new bathroom? An interior designer would be prudent at this stage. Or are you just tired of your old sanitaryware and brassware and want to spruce things up a bit by upgrading to new yet like for like items? If you are a little more adventurous though, you may be considering changing the existing design of your bathroom and “upgrading it” by adding new features and elements to it. All of these will determine your next steps such as possible relocation of plumbing and pipes to accommodate for the new layout.

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Current industry & design trends

Q&A with Sanipex Group Managing Director, Daryl Barker

Open-plan and wet room showering has become a popular way of making compact bathrooms feel bigger and creating a luxury finish. Do you think this market has room to grow further?

Wetroom showering is becoming the standard in the luxury and hotel sector, and will eventually cascade down into other segments of the market as costs of products reduce due to increased volumes. A morning shower is the wake-up call for most people and sets the mood for the day and should therefore be an important area in the home. In the luxury and hospitality sector the wetroom is becoming a home spa area.

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Bathroom Lighting Tips

By Duncan Heeles, Award-Winning Designer & Director at BAGNODESIGN Scotland

How important is bathroom lighting to the overall design of the space?

Bathroom lighting is one of the most important elements of the overall design; it can very turn the whole look of a space around.

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