An insight into bathroom fittings and accessories, featuring the different elements influencing the design and production for the luxury hospitality industry, with our UK Sales Director, Richard Nicholls.

Since Sanipex Group was established in 1995, there have been many developments in bathroom design, such as technology savvy features and products being introduced to aid the user experience as well as sustainability and environmentally conscious designs.

Keeping all that in mind, comfort and aesthetics are still some of the most important considerations of any bathroom whilst quality trumps all the others. The quality of fixtures and fittings will be reflected in the overall look and feel of the bathroom; if the quality is poor then this will be immediately evident. However, one misconception is that quality comes at a high price. Sanipex’s wide range of product offering, including it’s own BAGNODESIGN brand means that quality products can be attained at affordable prices; what we call “affordable luxury”. Clients are looking for quality products which last and won’t need replacing any time soon, within a budget they can afford.

Due to the group’s international presence, the differing demands in various markets across the globe can be met with the extensive range of brands, collections and product offerings.

Creating the dream bathroom is the end-result we aspire to achieve each and every time, irrespective of budget or specification.