The first question should be, what is the complexity of the renovation of your bathroom?

Are you starting from scratch and building a brand new bathroom? An interior designer would be prudent at this stage. Or are you just tired of your old sanitaryware and brassware and want to spruce things up a bit by upgrading to new yet like for like items? If you are a little more adventurous though, you may be considering changing the existing design of your bathroom and “upgrading it” by adding new features and elements to it. All of these will determine your next steps such as possible relocation of plumbing and pipes to accommodate for the new layout.


What style of bathroom are you looking for?

Classic and traditional or contemporary and modern? Do your research before going shopping so you have a good idea as to what style you want. Social media platforms such as Pintrest, Houzz and Instagram are a great way to be inspired and get ideas on how you want your dream bathroom to look.



If your bathroom doesn’t have natural light coming in through a window, then the use of colours and materials as well as the type of specified lighting will all be important considerations. According to your preference and style, you can either create the illusion of a brighter and more spacious bathroom through the use of lighter surfaces to reflect light, or alternatively, you can embrace your compact bathroom and opt for more of a dramatic spa-like ambience by going for darker shades, as suggested by Duncan Heeles from BAGNODESIGN Scotland.



Is your bathroom space on the more compact size? There are many ways to overcome the challenge of a small space through smart space saving solutions such as integrated mirror cabinets, wall hung vertical storage units, built-in niches in shower areas and vanities with plenty of storage space. To create the illusion of a larger space you can also use large format tiles, which will make your bathroom look bigger.


Existing plumbing system of your property

In some countries you will need to consider the water pressure in your property before purchasing items such as mixers and shower valves. This is especially relevant in the UK where the pressure output varies depending on the plumbing system which is used in your property, for example low, medium or high pressure. Ensure you check pressure ratings first before specifying products to make sure they are suitable for your property. Our product catalogues list pressure ratings for all items where required.