Have you been wondering how to add rustic details to your home? Why not start in the bathroom! Our new Harlem range perfectly embraces the term "Modern Rustic", an interior design concept that incorporates rustic charm with modern tweaks. Harlem does exactly just that - combining old-world elements with trending materials and shaped to create a contemporary rustic appeal throughout your bathroom.

The best part of an urban rustic style is that it works in just about any type of home — even if you don't live in a log cabin! In case you are looking at renovating an old home, Harlem will allow you to preserve the character and original architectural details, whilst favoring the masculine, hearty side of a more modern décor. If you are about to create a new space from scratch, Harlem's nature-inspired details will provide your bathroom with distinct presence and drama.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term “Modern Rustic” first appeared in popular culture linked to the movie star Marilyn Monroe and was only related to interior design in the 2000s, due to the release of "Modern Rustic", a book by Ali Hanan.

Harlem is a metropolitan furniture range in an ‘American Oak’ finish with Matt Black handle - reflecting the industrial trend yet incorporating a rustic feel.

Modern Rustic decor works best when presented in minimalist arrangements. Using wood with a textured, natural surface instantly adds a little rustic edge to the bathroom, whilst the use of geometric shapes helps create a space that pleases the eye on every level. Rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty and it’s well captured by the use of oak. The look of oak is rather traditional, but it works well with the mix of materials suggested by the new Harlem range.

On-The-House Tips for achieving a modern rustic look in your bathroom

  • Maintain the natural aspects in the same way they are incorporated within the Harlem range - through linens, rugs and upholstery.

  • To achieve the maximum effect when adopting this style, keep your wall colour either white, or stick to grey or blue tones.

  • Mix in some warm lighting with candles to complete the cozy look.

The true essence of the Harlem collection is to bring the outdoors in. This is accomplished with the mixed use of organic materials, such as brass, ceramic, glass and wood paired with modern fittings, hosting straight sleek lines and rectangular shapes, the combination creates an appealing bathroom setting.

Complementing the American Oak countertop is the modern rectangular basin in Matt Black or White, which maximises on space with its slim edge design. The accessories from the collection, on the other hand, provide that ultimate finishing touch with a similar unique edgy design as the basin. The crittall style shower wall ties the whole look together and combines the warmth and charm of a rustic dwelling along with the convenience, comfort and style of a modern bathroom.