Storage is necessary to keep our homes uncluttered but the Harlem storage units have been thoughtfully designed to also improve the total shape and function of a bathroom. It’s common seeing bottles, jars, and tubes of stuff cluttering up the typical bathroom, making good storage vital for keeping a clean look. The Harlem vanity pieces have been specifically designed around the scale and nature of the things we want to store in our bathrooms for everyday use. The wood-veneered units though do a lot more than that, by adding an element of warmth and visual softness to any cold bathroom environment.

Get the look

For a welcoming look, we introduce you to the timber-look Harlem vanity. Together with the Harlem accessories, they create a casual, inviting feel.

The beauty of reclaimed wood is in adding textural beauty and contrast to polished modern interiors. One can clearly see the textural contrast and uniqueness that the wood surfaces of the Harlem furniture can offer in a modern bathroom, perhaps dominated by tile, stone, and glass. Using the Harlem timber-coloured vanity is a beautiful way of bringing visual warmth and luxury to a bathroom, which is a traditionally stark space.

The collection is fully comprehensive; it features also pieces of furniture as well as soap dispensers and other bathroom accessories. The Matt Black and White accessories are details that bring comfort and create an intimate and personal atmosphere. They have been carefully designed to make your bathroom look modern even without a restoration. Among the rest furnishings, are the bohemian-looking rectangular wall mirror with LED lights and a wooden frame.

Harlem can function within any style and any space

Harlem is one of the most versatile of BAGNODESIGN’s collections. It fits into most of the interior design styles, and comes in a range of sizes starting from 634mm to 2034mm. It's a common enough design scenario, the need to connect a traditional interior with a contemporary addition. Of course, famously, the answer's often in the details a.k.a the bathroom accessories, in our case. The Harlem style is perfect for an eclectic, as much for a contemporary design. Its clean lines and straight edges contribute to the rustic effect, thanks to the light timber colour of the wood. On the other hand, the black accessories of the Harlem collection enable it to also work well with a more contemporary styled bathroom.

Its unique characteristics make Harlem a one-of-a-kind collection

Till date, we had furniture that either had cabinets on both sides or had cabinets on one end while the other end was cantilevered. However, the Harlem collection is different in the way that it gives the client the opportunity to play with different combinations that include cabinets as well as open shelves, allowing a sense of extended room while providing ample storage space.

Why opt for open storage?

The reasons are numerous. Open storage is ideal for smaller or bigger bathrooms as it creates an open, relaxing space that gives you the opportunity to create a flow throughout the bathroom. Everything finds its way back to its designated spot with open shelving and, counter-intuitively, it's actually much easier to keep organised. Last but not least, open shelves invite visitors to feel at home and help themselves to whatever they need. Every item is in plain view so that they don't have to ask where things are, or go rummaging through cabinets, which makes the Harlem furniture ideal for guest bathrooms. Plus, you get the opportunity to show off your stylish personal items!

Apart from selecting items within the same range, clients can use their imagination to mix and match the different sanitary-ware and accessories that BAGNODESIGN has to offer.