Monroe, the new range by BAGNODESIGN is the synonym of rough luxe; it is all about elevating a space with decadent natural materials and mixing the contrasting textures of wood and metallics. The new collection is part of the 2018 products and consists of wooden countertops, vanity units with two metallic cabinet finishes, bronze washbasins and round and rectangular mirrors with an illuminated option.

An urban collection with an edge, the new Monroe range by BAGNODESIGN brings luxury boutique-inspired styling to the modern bathroom.

Why decorate your bathroom with natural materials?

Monroe visibly appreciates the texture and freshness natural materials add to the décor and ambience of a bathroom. It is ideal for creating that one-of-a-kind organic bathroom experience. Is there any other room in the house that you love to relax and rejuvenate in more than in your bathroom? There isn't a more trending way to complete your bathroom sanctuary than with natural materials. Elements that have a strong link to the outdoors are highly incorporated in the new range.

Why are natural materials important?

Natural elements are our inherent connection to the outdoors; using wood and metals the Monroe range successfully incorporates many different styles and can easily connect with the interiors. As per the Wabi-sabi notion, highly embraced by today's interior designers, Monroe appreciates the imperfection of natural materials.

The uncluttered, laid-back Scandinavian style of the Monroe range will allow its users to reclaim a sense of simplicity in their increasingly frenetic lives. Nordic-minimal speaks all over the new collection and it is a go-to trend. People love it as it is clean, simple and can be easily achieved by using the Monroe products.

Can you mix natural materials when decorating?

It used to be considered a no-no to mix materials in a bathroom. Gone are the days where every single finish had to have polished chrome or nickel everything. Hope you are nostalgic for the ‘80s because bronze is back and here to stay. Statement bronze faucets bring a touch of the past to a bathroom while keeping it warm and contemporary.

The basin of the Monroe range is the hero of the collection. Metallics have gained momentum and a lot of our clients have already nominated Monroe as their favorite range because it celebrates metallics. Warm metal fixtures in the bathroom is a trend that just won’t go away. These days, it’s all about creating inviting spaces with the likes of copper, bronze, brass and gold. Bronze is not as "bling-y" as gold but still adds a lot of warmth to a space. It makes the room feel strategically designed and well put-together. The material’s natural durability combined with that polished shine will give any bathroom a stately look, when offset with darker hues, like the dark wood, it makes the finish pop. The finish makes a great choice in both the most modern and more traditional spaces.

On the other hand, the dark wood of the furniture that make up this collection is durable, beautiful, and one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials. The minimalist aesthetic of the floating, push-to-touch, handle-free vanities is practical - it frees up space and makes cleaning a breeze.

Of the most noticeable pieces of this collection are the rectangular mirrors with illuminated option. The traditional shaving cabinet is a thing of the past; Monroe designers have transformed the bathroom mirror into a work of art. We could easily say that it could be the focal point of any space, especially when that is illuminated.

With the re-emergence of green living, recyclable materials are becoming increasingly popular. Sustainability will never look as good as in your bathroom as with our new Monroe range. Take a look at our other new products for 2018.