Minimalism is a style that can make a bathroom design look comfortable, convenient, modern and sophisticated, all at the same time.

An urban collection with an edge, the new Monroe range by BAGNODESIGN brings luxury boutique-inspired styling to the modern bathroom.

It can be pretty difficult to design a bathroom in this style because it requires special skills to arrange everything in the best way with the minimal use of things. Minimalism is a style that features strict lines, simple colours, and shapes, fully expressed by the new Monroe range.

One bad thing that occurs in decorating minimalist bathrooms is the sterile appearance. To make this room a little warmer, Monroe suggest items that are rich in texture and in contrast with some of its smooth and glossy elements.

A minimal touch is usually added by a smooth surface. It is characterised by a lack of ornamentation, sleek fixtures, simple geometric shapes and smooth sculptural lines. The basins and furniture of the new Monroe range are visually appealing and of course, a pleasure to use.

Monroe keeps it minimal without being stark or clinical. Keep reading to find out how!

Sticking to natural materials

Within the Monroe range, there have been added touches of wood to offset the design of any minimalist monochrome bathroom and to add texture and warmth to the space, while keeping a simple aesthetic. All materials used in this range aim to achieve a clean look as long as the style isn't too flashy.

Sticking to a neutral colour palette

Use neutral colours, like Carbonne, for the furniture and scatter more vibrant metallic tones throughout the space as accents. This keeps the bathroom feeling open and bright even if you have no windows and enhances natural light.

The new collection is trying to unify the space with a dark colour palette in order to achieve a clean and unified look. Dark wooden furniture makes the perfect base to let the rest of the fittings pop, in particular metallic toned basins make a very fashionable choice at the moment.

Add a little shine

This solid metallic sink on top of the Monroe countertop combined with matching mixers can add a sophisticated and gleaming touch to a minimalist bathroom. Bringing in darker elements next to glamorous metallic surfaces can make a bold statement without bringing in unnecessary objects.

Look for special fixtures

These Brushed Nickel and Zanzibar finishes give to the bathroom that minimalistic yet fancy touch.

Find a great mirror

The Monroe illuminated mirrors come in round and rectangular shape and are a simple and minimalistic way to up your bathroom mirror game.

Clutter free

Clutter is a minimalists worst nightmare. The key to achieving a minimalist bathroom is to eliminate the clutter. When it comes to storage the Monroe range has you covered with single and double, wall-mounted and free-standing vanity units where you can hide your everyday bathroom necessities.