VOLA was established in 1968 by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen who is recognized the world over for outstanding architecture and design. Even in today’s world of ever-changing trends and fashion, VOLA of Denmark remains an icon, a tribute to a culture that worships pure yet functional design above all else. When first introduced to the market in 1968, the minimalist VOLA line of kitchen and bathroom fixtures was seen as a radical departure from existing, traditional ideas of aesthetics and design, and was quick to become a firm favourite of the innovative architects and forward-thinking interior designers of that time.

One of the first VOLA taps, VOLA KV1 was selected for the permanent collection at MoMA in New York in 1974.

Arne Jacobsen considered designing a modular system which would include all the components necessary to cover all bathroom requirements. Over the years this system has been developed to enable the designer to create individual and unique combinations using handles, spouts, cover plates and accessories, thus greatly increasing the benefits in using VOLA. Further benefits include water saving aerators and flow restrictors which have become just as important today as looks and usability. The VOLA taps are produced in Denmark according the green certification ISO 14001.VOLA continues to introduce new award-winning designs.

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